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Not All Roofing is Created Equal–Davinci Roofscapes are First-Class

Not all asphalt-based shingles are the same.  Some types of shingle are made to provide elegance and unique durability, thanks to their heavier, contoured construction.  Today’s shingles can simulate natural materials, as well.

What Are Architectural Shingles?

Trust Northwind Exteriors for unsurpassed quality in shingle roofing, We guarantee outstanding quality and workmanship, using the highest grade materials from leading manufacturers. Our high-quality “architectural” and composite shingle roofing can be the upgrade you’re looking for to set your property apart from the rest!  Architectural shingles include those which are formed to resemble various textures including wood and stone. These special shingles are thicker, which adds to their longevity and resilience under the harsh weather conditions common to Illinois and Wisconsin.

Advantages of Architectural Roof Shingles & Tiles

Long Life

Architectural roofing products, like those made by Davinci Roofscapes, last as much as 2X longer than conventional asphalt roofing.


Architectural roofing has higher wind, fire, impact, insect, and decay-resistance.


Architectural roofing, such as that made to resemble slate or tile, is actually much lighter than traditional products.

Lasting Color

State-of-the-art architectural roofing made from substances including virgin resins fortified with state-of-the-art UV stabilizers. The color you pick is the color you keep.

Natural Beauty

Architectural shingles/tiles are modeled from actual slate and hand-split shake for natural, non-repeating beauty and decades of enduring and worry-free beauty.

Premium Performance

The unique composite construction of Architectural shingles outperforms natural slate and cedar shake with a Class A Fire Rating, Class 4 Impact Rating and a 110-mph Wind Rating.

Davinci Roofscapes

Whether we’re replacing shingles on a single-family residence or constructing roofs on new buildings, including apartments, offices, municipal buildings, schools, churches, and retail establishments, the superb quality of our Davinci Roofscapes is sure to provide the colors, textures and dimensions that will impress even the most discerning property owner!


DaVinci products are engineered to look better, longer. Our tiles are modeled from actual slate and hand-split shake for natural, non-repeating beauty that endures in any climate. DaVinci tiles are made of pure virgin resins fortified with state-of-the-art UV stabilizers for the most significant degree of color control and consistency. The color you pick is the color you keep. Due to DaVinci’s performance features, many insurance companies offer reduced rates and deductibles when switching from cedar or slate, especially in areas where high winds, fires, and hailstorms are more likely.

Davinci Shake

If you love the look of cedar shake, there’s no reason to shy away from it. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an existing shake roof, Davinci eliminates the pesky concerns of ongoing maintenance and lets your heart get precisely what it wants. Thick construction, deep grooves, and realistic grain patterns combine to create dramatic shadows and visual richness.

Davinci Slate

DaVinci products are modeled from actual slate for natural, non-repeating beauty. Realistic chisel marks add a hand-crafted finishing touch. Davinci offers the beauty of natural slate in three different tile options, giving you the ability to meet your aesthetic vision as well as respect your budget.

Are architectural shingles more energy-efficient than standard asphalt shingles?

Architectural shingles and standard asphalt shingles can both be energy efficient, depending on various factors such as the quality and thickness of the shingles, the type of roof they are installed on, and the overall energy efficiency of the building. Architectural shingles are a type of asphalt shingle that’s designed to provide a more attractive and durable roofing solution. Architectural shingles are made with multiple layers of asphalt and have a more textured and dimensional appearance than standard asphalt shingles. Another advantage of Northwind Exteriors’ architectural shingles is that they may be more resistant to wind and weather damage, which can help reduce the long-term energy costs associated with maintaining and repairing a roof. In addition, architectural shingles may be more effective at reflecting sunlight.