Northwind will guide you through the insurance claim process, offering expert assistance to ensure a smooth and successful claim submission for any roofing & siding related damages.

Policy Review & Damage Inspection

Northwind will thoroughly review your homeowner’s insurance policy to understand coverage and perform a detailed inspection of your roof and siding, documenting any storm damage with clear photographs and notes.

Claim Filing & Adjuster Appointment

We will guide you through the claim filing process, providing all necessary information and meeting with your insurance adjuster to highlight storm-related damages, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

Estimate Review & Construction

Northwind will analyze the insurance estimate, advise on the next steps, review the scope of work, and begin the construction process, ensuring all work meets the highest standards and facilitating final payment and warranty issuance.

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Discuss & Review Policy

Thoroughly review your homeowner’s insurance policy to understand coverage limitations, exclusions, and deductible requirements related to roof & siding replacements or repairs.

Perform Inspection

If your roof and/or siding has sustained storm damage,we will document it with clear photographs and notes, detailing the cause and extent of the damage.

Advise on Next Steps

If your roof and/or siding has sustained storm damage,we will document it with clear photographs and notes, detailing the cause and extent of the damage.

Filing the Claim

If you decide to file a claim, we will provide you with the information needed and guide you through the process.

Adjuster Appointment

An insurance adjuster will reach out to you to schedule the inspection/adjustment. A Northwind team member will meet with your insurance company’s adjuster to point out the storm-related damages on your home.

Insurance Estimate Review

Once the adjustment is complete, your insurance company will compile an insurance “estimate” for you. Northwind will analyze the initial insurance estimate received and advise on the next steps. Approval time varies.

Review of Scope

If approved, we will review the scope of work and prepare a construction contract based off the insurance estimate.

Begin Construction Process

We will complete the construction portion of the claim and provide a COC and Supplemental Estimate If needed.

Final Payment + Estimate

Once correspondence and the final “estimate” is received from the insurance company, they will release the final check/funds. Once received by the homeowner, we will arrange for final payment, and issue warranty documents.

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FAQs about the Insurance Claims Process

What should I do first if I think my roof or siding is damaged?

James Hardie siding offers exceptional durability, resistance to harsh weather conditions, and a variety of styles and colors. It also provides fire resistance and comes with a 30-year warranty.

How does Northwind Exteriors assist with the insurance claim process?

We guide you through every step of the claims process, from reviewing your insurance policy and inspecting the damage to meeting with the insurance adjuster and helping you file the claim.

Will Northwind Exteriors be present when the insurance adjuster arrives?

es, a Northwind team member will be present during the insurance adjuster's inspection to point out storm-related damages and ensure all issues are documented accurately.

What happens if my insurance claim is denied?

If your claim is denied, we will review the insurance company’s reasons and provide advice on potential next steps, including the possibility of appealing the decision.

How long does it take to get the insurance estimate and start repairs?

The timeline can vary, but once the insurance company completes the adjustment, we will review the estimate and prepare a construction contract. Approval times can vary, but we aim to start repairs as soon as possible.

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