Superior Siding

Siding that Ensures Durability, Energy-Efficiency and Enhanced Curb Appeal!

Let Northwind Exteriors handle your vinyl or fiber cement siding needs. We carry James Hardie siding products–the best in the business–in a range of textures and colors to complement your particular design preference, and budget.


Illinois and Wisconsin homeowners need siding that can withstand our harsh climate. Admired for its beauty and durability, James Hardie siding, installed by Northwind Exteriors, can withstand rain, hail, high winds, and fluctuating temperatures. Plus, you can expect not only the finest siding products, but also the most outstanding workmanship when it comes to installing your siding properly. New siding will always improve the curb appeal and the market value of your property, and with Northwind Exteriors use of James Hardie siding products, you’ll rest easy knowing it’s backed by either a 15-year or 30-year transferable warranty!

Benefits of Siding by Northwind Exteriors

Just a few of the advantages of investing in new siding with Northwind Exteriors…

  • Reduce the long-term preservation costs of your exterior – Siding upholds a beautiful finish over time, and unlike many other materials, it requires zero painting, this means no more scraping or painting wood shingles to protect the beauty of your home.
  • Lower your monthly heating and cooling bills – New siding creates an insulating barrier between conditioned indoor air and outdoor air resulting in less heat exchange and less energy being used to heat or cool your home.This will give you a remarkable decrease in both heating and cooling costs.
  • Improve your property’s curb appeal and increase its market value – We have a variety of styles and colors that would equal your home’s overall design. This is a guaranteed technique to heighten the value of your property.

What Kind of Siding is Best for Your Property?

Since northwind’s siding choices come in an array of textures and color shades, it’s easy to find a beautiful choice that will fit your home while taking into account the conditions around your property that might make one choice of siding better than another. Today’s durable siding materials tend to last as long or longer than natural materials, like wood and shake, and demand less maintenance. Our siding skills for property owners throughout Illinois and Wisconsin ensure you’ll get  attractive, long-lasting siding that complements your home’s distinctive style.

Factors in Selecting the Right Siding for Your Home

  • Water, ice, wind and extreme temperature protection is critical for a siding product on homes in the Upper Midwest.
  • Energy-efficiency. High quality siding can help reduce home energy consumption and cost, plus an extra insulating layer can be added to really improve performance.
  • Siding can range in cost based on the quality level you choose,  installation conditions, and of course the size of your home. Let Northwind Exteriors help you determine the best siding product for your home and your budget.
  • Long-lasting durability is always desired and our siding material makes the grade! Northwind Exteriors and our siding manufacturer–James Hardie–combine to offer strong product and workmanship warranties.  
  • Low maintenance is an advantage with our vinyl and fiber cement siding products

Northwind Exterior Siding is a Solid Investment!

Siding technology is constantly improving and Northwind carries the best products in the industry. Quality siding adds enormous curb appeal and market value to your property. If you plan to sell your home in the near future and the siding is in poor condition, you run the risk of turning away potential buyers. Getting new siding could pay for itself through boosting the fair market price of your home, and by making it simply more attractive! If your current siding is showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to call Northwind Exteriors!

Signs You Need Your Siding Replaced:

About James Hardie Siding… The Best You Can Get!

James Hardie has enabled top roofing pros, like Northwind Exteriors, to create outstanding results, in both looks and longevity, with their premier products. Whether your dream home is a classic Tudor, Colonial, Victorian, or Craftsman style, James Hardie is your best pick in siding brands. It has been the top manufacturer of high-performance fiber cement and fiber gypsum building solutions since the late 80’s.  We are proud to carry James Hardie siding with us to every project as we know it will have a strong reliable life span. 

If you are looking to enhance the curb appeal of oyur property or save money on your monthly heating and cooling bills.  Siding can be a great way to add personality to your home.  Northwind Exteriors has the experience and skills to bring your vision to reality. With James Hardie siding we provide nothing but the best for clients.

We Offer a Variety of Siding Textures & Colors

Northwind Exteriors’s vinyl and fiber cement siding by James Hardie is engineered to protect your home and foundation by providing a solid barrier to the punishing effects of winter storms, and freezing rain so common to the Upper Midwest. Our siding is affordable and it’s designed to last for decades to come. The styles, colors and materials offered by Northwind Exteriors is also wide-ranged, to satisfy virtually any personal preference you may have.

About Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is the top siding choice of homeowners in Illinois and Wisconsin. It has the durability of vinyl siding combined with low maintenance. Fiber cement siding offers superior energy efficiency and, since it’s available in a range of textures, our siding can resemble classic wood lapped siding. 


It’s a proven fact, the beauty of Northwind’s siding by James Hardi can increase your home’s curb appeal and, if you ever plan to sell your house, well-maintained, high quality siding will boost the value of your home.