Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

Your Roof Needs Northwind Quality

Northwind Exteriors is your Illinois and Wisconsin roofing pro specializing in a range of high-quality roofing materials produced by outstanding manufacturers–from familiar brands like Owens Corning, to innovative specialty brands like Davinci Roofscapes. Our trained and courteous team of roofing pros is exceptionally qualified to handle all your residential roofing needs, including storm repairs and insurance-related roof restoration. If your roof is simply showing signs of wear and tear after many years of reliable protection, don’t wait for a roof leak or other potential catastrophe before replacing it, contact Northwind and learn how we can serve your needs.

Northwind Exteriors - Roofers Who Care

In places like Lake Geneva, Delavan, and Williams Bay, WI or Glenview, Evanston, Park Ridge and DesPlaines, IL, it’s not always easy to find a reliable roofing contractor–one who genuinely cares about your property and treats it like their own. Northwind Exteriors knows that great workmanship, value, and attention to detail with your exterior home improvement needs drives our success.

Northwind Delivers…

Northwind Exteriors Specializes in a Wide Range of Roofing Systems

Shingle Roofing

Most homes throughout Illinois and Wisconsin have asphalt shingle roofs. Asphalt roofing is durable, handsome, and one of the most affordable choices there is for a reliable roofing system backed by strong manufacturer and workmanship warranties. Generally speaking, there are two basic types of asphalt roofing–shingles made of composite materials and fiberglass-base shingles. Fiberglass shingles look exactly like asphalt shingles, but they have a fiberglass base mat and less asphalt, which makes them more lightweight.

Architectural Roofing

Beautiful composite slate roofs or cedar shake roofing doesn’t have to be mined or harvested, since today’s innovative manufacturers have developed remarkable alternatives that look and perform as well or better than the real thing! Specialty brands like Davinci make synthetic slate tiles, composite cedar shake, and other high-end materials often referred to as “architectural” roofing. These products often cost more, but can prove to be more durable and economical in the long run, plus they look magnificent on a fine Park Ridge, Barrington, or Winneka home, just to name a few of the communities we have served with our specialty roofing installation.

Metal Roofing

Metal is a popular alternative to shingles. It is lightweight and durable, and performs well in the widely diverse weather conditions which are so typical to Illinois and Wisconsin from summer through winter.  The styles of Metal roofing aren’t limited to the wavy corrugated panels that most people are familiar with atop the old barns and farmhouses of the Upper Midwest, but also include sleek, contemporary standing seam metal roofing and even metal shingles!

Cedar Shake

Cedar shake roofing provides a warm, traditional look to a home. It’s no wonder why so many property owners settle for nothing but the real thing. Over centuries, cedar roofing has proven to be resilient and new cedar roofing is better than ever, thanks to cutting edge coatings and treatment that make the materials look great and last longer.

Composite Slate Roofing

Composite slate is the ultimate roofing for the right type of home. Because slate is a naturally heavy product, not all home structures can support the weight, and a synthetic slate such as Davinci Slate may be a viable alternative. Nevertheless, real slate is a luxury and choice that can protect a home like no other roofing material can.

The Northwind Exteriors “Process”

Northwind Exteriors communicate clearly with property owners so they know exactly what goes into a high quality roofing job. Plus, we adhere to a proven process for every roof installation.

Roof assessment

Northwind Exteriors’ roofing experts will carefully assess your roof conditions and explain what’s needed to keep your home and its belongings protected from the constant exposure to the Upper Midwest’s tough climate and notorious lake-area weather conditions.

Documentation of roof conditions

Northwind Exteriors will inspect every aspect of your roof – from the condition of shingles to the integrity of the flashing around roof penetrations, like your chimney. We will determine if your needs include gutter repair, as well. We’ll also study the condition of roof accessories such as vents and the fascia around the eaves of your roof. Northwind Exteriors photographs the parts of your roof affected by storm damage and wear and tear, then we’ll discuss the options for replacing or restoring your roof, including product choices and labor costs.

Everything in writing

Northwind Exteriors will review the scope of work with you to make sure you’re comfortable with the project moving forward. We’ll get the contract signed and process your initial down payment.

Working around your schedule

From the first call to Northwind Exteriors to the completion of the work, we’ll communicate with you so that you’re aware of what’s in store each day. Northwind works with you on a start date for the roof replacement. With you, we’ll decide where material should be dropped off when the trucks arrive.

Getting the work underway, on time

When the project gets underway, you’ll know what time to expect us for the removal of the old worn-out roofing. We’ll go out of our way to protect your landscaping, lawn, and flower beds. When your old roof shingles are torn off, we’ll determine if any repairs or reinforcement to your roof decking is recommended. If there are problems, Northwind Exteriors can fix that too!

Efficient completion of the work

Northwind Exteriors has the talented manpower to treat your project with top priority. Your new roof will be installed without unnecessary delays.

Clean-up and haul-away

Leaving your property in pristine condition is something Northwind Exteriors is adamant about. We’ll pick up all the old roofing material down to every nail we pulled out, and we’ll haul everything away. Once our job is done, your property will look better than ever!

It’s a wrap!

Once you are fully satisfied with your new roof, we will process final payment and finalize the warranty for your beautiful new roofing system.

Pay in Easy, Low Cost Installments

When it’s time for a new roof, Northwind knows that Illinois and Wisconsin property owners can’t always pay for the project all at once. Afterall, a new roof can be costly. To help you get your property protection needs accomplished, easily and painlessly, we provide attractive lending options through Enhancify–a top lending partner for home improvement projects. Northwind’s home improvement loan options makes it easy for you to pay for a roofing project in manageable installments. Convenient, low cost financing is just another way Northwind Exteriors demonstrates its commitment to getting jobs done right.

Roof Inspections by Northwind Exteriors

Northwind Exteriors can conduct a roof inspection which will thoroughly detail the conditions of your roof. Our comprehensive roof inspection reports include photographic evidence of roof conditions, as well as provide roof measurements, diagrams. Our professional roof inspection enables Northwind Exteriors to give you expert advice on repairs needed, right now or in the near future.

What’s in a Northwind Roof Inspection?

Proper care of your roof prevents premature wear & tear and lessens the likelihood for damage repair needs. Northwind Exteriors can inspect your property’s roof system for signs of damage which aren’t readily visible to an untrained eye. Plus, if your roof has suffered recent storm damage, Northwind Exteriors can determine if an insurance claim can be filed.. and help you get it filed! 

Having your roof inspected periodically helps ensure that you don’t lose eligibility with a manufacturer’s warranty. If a roof isn’t at least minimally maintained, premature roof damage won’t likely be covered by the manufacturer.

Gutter Systems by Northwind Exteriors

Missing gutter parts, clogged gutters and downspouts, or misaligned gutters can seriously impact other parts of your home.The wellbeing of your roof, eaves, soffits, flashing, and fascia relies on a good gutter system. Northwind Exteriors specializes in installing gutters that stand up to Lake Erie-area weather. The cost for your new Northwind gutters will always be accurate, fair, and competitive.


  • Clogged gutters cause rainwater to back-up and spill onto walkways and gardens, and can cause erosion around your home’s foundation.
  • Water settling along your home’s foundation can lead to wet, moldy basements and crawl spaces. 
  • If your gutters aren’t functioning, water will find its way behind your siding, resulting in swelling and warping.
  • Northwind performs gutter repairs, clogged or leaking gutters can dump water onto decks and porches.
  • Poor gutters can lead to damage and rotting of the boards that run along the lower edge of the roof–your fascia

Prevent the costly property loss due to easily avoidable repairs and maintenance of your gutters. Northwind Exteriors can help.